C.E.R.T. I Basic Training Class: preparing for your classroom experience

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What you will learn in your first class
The CERT course is delivered in the community by a team of first responders and certified trainers who have the requisite knowledge and skills to instruct the sessions.

The CERT training for community groups is usually delivered in three eight hour sessions, one day a week (Saturdays) over a 3 week period. The training consists of classroom lecture, and practical hands on training. The class times are 8am to 5pm.

What to bring to your class
During each session participants are required to bring safety equipment (PPE’s)
Safety goggles and N-95 mask

Sturdy Work Gloves

Orbit Emergency Gas and Water Shutoff  Tool (for practicing with shutoff exercises)

Pen or pencil, notebook for taking notes.

Optional Independent Study
The online classes are optional, but a great introduction to the incident command system (ICS).
IS 100.B
IS 700.A

What to wear
Dress comfortably, preferred clothing are jeans (or sturdy pants) and a T-Shirt and a light jacket or hoodie (if it is going to be cold).
Please wear closed toed shoes (sneakers, boots) for safety reasons.